Everything wrong with diesel fuel…

February 14, 2022

As a follow-up to our CP4 recall video, Brad discusses some key reasons why diesel fuel can cause premature injection system failure. Fortune 500 companies in the diesel industry have known about water, debris, and air contamination for decades! Without upgraded filtration, diesel-powered trucks and equipment are at risk for costly repairs as a direct result of fuel contamination. To make matters worse, the current parts shortage means owners can be stranded for months without their trucks! That’s where we come in. As the industry leader in diesel fuel system technology, we provide 3rd-party proven filtration that prolongs injection component (including CP4) life. Our fuel systems eliminate over 99% of the water/moisture found in diesel fuel, along with the entrained air, and debris down to 2 Micron. Installing a FASS Fuel System ensures that you’re getting the purest fuel possible—and preventing premature injection system wear. Thanks for watching!

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