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What Filter Works Best for You?

FASS Diesel Fuel Systems offer a wide selection of replacement parts for purchase, allowing our customers that like to do it themselves access to all the same products originally available only to authorized dealers. Your local FASS fuel system dealers are here to provide the support you need when installing your replacement parts. Our technical support representatives are here if you have any questions at all on the installation of replacement FASS diesel fuel filters. For more information on our diesel fuel systems, contact us today!

Filter Cross References

With our Research and Development accompanied by 3rd party laboratory testing, we have found no other water separator and fuel filter combination that will work as effectively as the FASS brand fuel filter PF-3001 and Extreme Water Separator XWS- 3002. We offer cross references for emergency situations.

Water Separator

FASS DIESEL FUEL SYSTEMS Water Separator Filters

(FF-3003) (FF-3010) (XWS-3002) (XWS-3002XL)
Water Separator (Micron Rating)
Thread Size (1-14)

Baldwin BF7633 (2M)Baldwin BF1258 (10M w/drain)
Carquest 86528 (2M)Baldwin BF1259 (10M w/drain)
CAT IP2299 (6M)Baldwin BF7546 (9M w/drain)
CAT IR-0750 (2M)Baldwin BF-970 (10M)
Donaldson P551025 (4M)Donaldson P551000 (10M w/drain)
Donaldson P551311 (3M)Donaldson P551001 (10M w/drain)
Donaldson P551313 (3M)Donaldson P557440 (9M)
Donaldson P553203 (3M)Fleetguard FS1000 (10M w/drain)
Donaldson P557440 (6M)Fleetguard FS1001 (10M w/drain)
Donaldson FF5320 (2M)Fleetguard FS1009 (10M w/drain)
Donaldson P8334 (2M)Fleetguard FF-185 (8M)
Donaldson FF1079 (2M)Luberfiner LFF8000 (14M w/drain)
Wix 33352 (6M)Wix 33405 (14M w/drain)
Wix 33528 (2M)Wix 33406 (14M w/drain)
Wix 33674 (2M)Wix 33522 (10M w/drain)
Fleetguard FS1000 (10M)Hastings FF-984 (10M)
Hastings FF-1060 (10M w/ Drain)

Fuel Filter


(FS-1001) (FS-1020) (PF-3001) (PF-3001XL)
Fuel Filter (Micron Rating)
Thread Size (1-14)

Baldwin BF1258 (10M)Baldwin BF1212 (20M)
Baldwin BF1214Baldwin BF1214 (20M)
Donaldson P558000 (20M)Fleetguard FS1212 (20M)
Donaldson P551000 (10M)Fleetguard FS1214 (20M)
Donaldson P551001 (10M)LuberFiner LFF8020 (20M)
Fleetguard FS1282 (14M)LuberFiner LFF-1000 (20M)
Fleetguard FS-1000 (10M)LuberFiner LFF-1001 (20M)
Fleetguard FS-1001 (10M)Hastings-FF863 (20M)
Fleetguard FS-1009 (14M)
Fleetguard FS-1212 (14M)
LuberFiner LFF8011
LuberFiner LFF8000
Motorcraft FD818 (14M)
Wix 33405 (14M)
Wix 33522 (10M)

HD Series Fuel Filter


Fuel (FF1003 & XWS-1002)
Fuel Filter (Micron Rating)
Thread Size (1 1/2-16)

Baldwin BT372-10 (5M
Baldwin BT372-MPG (10M
Carquest 85724 (10M
Caterpillar 3T8642(5M
Cim-Tek 70032 (10M
Cim-Tek 70213 (3M
Donaldson P550705 (10M
Donaldson P569381 (3M
Fleetguard FF5588 (10M
Fleetguard HF 6338 (10M
Fleetguard HF 6601 (10M
Fleetguard HF 6604 (3M
Fleetguard HF 6607 (6M
Fram P8024 (5M
Hastings HF779 (5M
Luber Finer LFH4922
Luber Finer LFH8324
Purolator 7400SAL032F2 (3M
Wix 51116 (11M
Wix 51120 (9M
Wix 51202 (5M
Wix 51724(10M

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