What is FASS

What is

FASS Fuel Air
Separation System?

FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation System and is a combination diesel fuel lift pump and fuel filtration system that is designed to improve your diesel truck’s fuel mileage, engine performance and extend the life of your diesel injection system. Our diesel fuel pump and diesel fuel filters are made in America in order to provide complete customer satisfaction. Regardless of the vehicle you drive, and how you power your life, FASS diesel fuel systems provide the cleanest fuel in order to extend the life of your favorite truck. For more information contact your local FASS fuel system dealers today!

Our Products Are Designed to Help You

Get The Most Out of
Your Diesel Engine

Acts as a

Schock absorber


the cutting torch effect



Prevents the

*Galling Effect

by increasing lubrication

*Galling Effect occurs frequently whenever metal surfaces are in contact, sliding against each other, especially with poor lubrication.

An air bubble in the tip provides no fluid damping, allowing the plunger to impact the tip with up to 50% greater force, resulting in damage to the tip and injector.*

Titanium Signature Series

The Titanium Signature Series is our most versatile FASS System. It is the #1 pump used by Pickup and Class 8 drivers. The Steel Bracket design allows you to tuck the pump closer to the frame for better clearance and less visibility. This pump has the capability to flow up to 290 gallons per hour, boasts large filters for long stays on the road and has all half inch ports with half inch fuel line. Accessory ports also enable additional FASS pumps to work in conjunction with the Titanium Signature Series to achieve flow rates above 290 gallons per hour for custom applications. The Titanium Signature Series is the premier pump in the FASS line.

Just had a Fass System installed on my 2002 Ford Powerstroke with the 7.3L and could tell a difference immediately when I drove it right after the installation. The motor runs a lot smoother at idle and when cruising 75 mph down the interstate. Also noticed it to be a lot quieter while driving, I can barely hear the motor at all when the windows are up. It has a lot faster throttle response than it used to as well. I will be pulling a boat down to the lake this weekend and monitoring the fuel mileage; I will let you know what that comes out to once I get back.

Matt H.

As a diesel performance shop, we work with many manufacturers around the country. I can't say enough about the team of experts at FASS Fuel Systems! They have given us an amazing product that is backed by possibly the best customer service in the industry. We have very few issues with the FASS Product line, but on the rare occasion that we do have a pump quit working, they have always been eager to make the situation a pleasant experience. We sell and install an average of 25 units a month here at Lead Foot Diesel Performance. In the seven years, we have been an LLC we have only had to warranty 5 FASS Fuel pumps, and the warranty was handled quickly and professionally. Keep up the good work team FASS! We appreciate all that you have brought to this industry.

Vinny H.

I am very impressed with the product! As team engineer so to speak in our race series smoke is a safety problem at times, delayed timing due to air causes smoke, and we had a TON of it, we have been making changes all year long but the biggest improvement I have seen was after installing the FASS systems on our 2 Cats and 1 Detroit, And the change was evident the first time you cracked the throttle, crisper response and smoke was drastically reduced!

Robert B.

I have 10 FASS units used in multiple applications, and they all work flawlessly! I just had my first issue; I failed to register for the warranty, and they still fixed my pump!! Great guys, great service, easy to work with. Oh, and of course the products work just like they are supposed to. Helping with mpg and reliability on my tow rigs to keeping fuel delivery problems a thing of the past on my twin turbo K5 Blazer!

Nick B.

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