Being a part of Team FASS is like being a part of a family. Whether you’re a dealer, distributor, drive a sponsored vehicle, customer or just like our brand, we’ve got love for you and we like to show it. FASS cares about the quality of its products and the people that buy them. We are proudly American Made and love getting out and meeting the people that help this company grow.

Sponsorship Info

We at FASS Diesel Fuel Systems are pleased with your interest in our sponsorship program. We are looking for organized professionals or individuals to represent our product line. If you are interested in our program, please take a look at the following pages and review the guidelines before sending in a request.

Sponsorship Info & Requirements

Sponsored Vehicles
(past & present)

CT Performance

Driver: Aaron Schaff


Driver: Steve Darnell

G&J Diesel


Ragged Edge

Driver: Torrey Werenka

Alligator Performance

Driver: Chad Hall

B&B Tooling

Driver: Bruce Block

New England Patriots

Driver: Stevan Ridley

Diesel Sellerz.com

Driver: Winner – Ashton Barton

The "Black Beast"

Driver: Jordan Lariviere

Matthews Transportation

Driver: Cole Matthews

Baillie Diesel Motorsports

Driver: Winner – Jim Greenway

Custom Auto LLC

Driver: James Brendle/Ryan Hillman

Cleetus McFarland

Ford Galaxie

JH Diesel 4x4

Ford Burnout Truck

RLC Motorsports

Diesel Dragster

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