MPG, Reliability, Performance: Why Class 8 Trucks Need FASS

November 25, 2020

class 8 trucks_fass diesel fuel systems

Whether they’re powered by a CAT, Cummins, Detroit, John Deere, Mercedes, Paccar, or Volvo diesel engine, class 8 trucks can burn upwards of 25,000 gallons of fuel in a lifetime! In many cases, that number’s significantly higher.

Fuel Quality MATTERS

Each gallon of diesel is another opportunity for water, air, and dirt to inflict costly damage on your engine’s injection components. If that’s not enough, those same contaminants reduce power, and perhaps most importantly to class 8 truck owners, fuel economy.

It’s probably no surprise that clean fuel burns more efficiently than dirty fuel. But without a well-engineered aftermarket filtration system, getting pure diesel fuel to your engine is impossible!

Are FASS Diesel Fuel Systems expensive?

When compared to the potential fuel savings and injection component protection, no! By simply installing a FASS Diesel Fuel System on their truck(s), owner/operators have recouped THOUSANDS of dollars that they would have previously spent on fuel and maintenance.

For class 8 fleet owners, the savings are even more drastic!

FASS Diesel Fuel System on 15.6 liter detroit diesel engine

Does FASS make a diesel fuel system for my truck?

If you don’t see your engine listed, please give us a call at (636) 433-5410 or send us an email to, and our team will be happy to identify the best solution for your fueling needs! Additionally, new kits are added monthly as we test and confirm functionality across a wide range of class 8 trucks.

FASS currently offers complete fuel filtration systems for the following class 8 engines. :

CAT Diesel Engines

  • CAT 3406-A
  • CAT 3406-B
  • CAT 3406-C Mechanical
  • CAT 3406-E
  • CAT C16

Cummins Diesel Engines

  • Cummins Small or Big Cam I, II, III, IV or NTC/STC, L10
  • Cummins M11, N14, ISX
  • Cummins Signature Series

Detroit Diesel Engines

  • Detroit DDEC I, II, III, IV
  • Detroit DD15 (1st Gen)
  • Detroit DD15 (2nd Gen)

John Deere Diesel Engines

  • John Deere 443 6.6 Liter (404 c.i.)

Mercedes Diesel Engines

  • Mercedes MBE-4000

Paccar Diesel Engines

  • Paccar MX-13
  • Paccar PX-7
  • Paccar PX-9

Volvo Diesel Engines 

  • Volvo VED

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