universal diesel fuel pump

A Brief and Basic Breakdown of Diesel Fuel Systems

There are significant differences between gas and diesel fuels, besides the fact that one will do significant damage to the opposite’s engine. Diesel fuel systems, while they produce a similar output compared to traditional gasoline systems, are inherently different. Diesel fuel systems function in a specific manner, across multiple applications. The system is made up of the following parts.

Fuel Tanks

Diesel fuel tanks don’t differ greatly from gasoline fuel tanks and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to serve various purposes. The tanks need to be closed off so that nothing get’s into the fuel and therefore into the fuel system, yet the tank needs to be properly ventilated to allow for the fuel to move into the engine.

Fuel Lines

The fuel lines are the method by which the diesel moves throughout the fuel system. Diesel fuel lines come in three sizes: heavyweight, medium weight, and lightweight, each serving a specific function within the system.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are an incredibly important aspect of a diesel fuel system. The reason being is that, in most systems, diesel typically needs to be filtered not once — like in traditional gas systems — but multiple times. In most systems, you might find a three-tiered fuel filtration system with layering diesel fuel filters, each one progressively filtering the fuel. Usually, the first tier is a filter screen located at the tank or diesel fuel pump, with a primary fuel filter and secondary filter after that. In a series filter, all of the fuel will travel through each filter stage in succession, while in a parallel filter, the fuel is parted through each filter.

Fuel Pumps

Diesel fuel pumps are another key component of diesel fuel systems. The pump functions by pushing the fuel into the injection system (using the engine as a driving force), which transfers the fuel to the engine. There are universal diesel fuel pumps that can work on the majority of diesel fuel systems.

What’s left of the system is the injectors, and of course, the fuel itself. Yet, there are around 50 various types of diesel engines, all of which have a fuel system that operates similarly to its counterpart. Whether you choose to use a universal diesel fuel pump, fuel lift pump, or any other component, your engine will still operate as expected, if not better.

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