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The Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel system Featuring our Revolutionary Whisper Technology is our Quietest System to date. A compact design with a very powerful motor. Manufactured to hold up to the most extreme conditions, our Titanium Signature Series system utilizes a motor that is capable of flow rates up to 290 gallons per hour and is durable enough that we back it with our Limited Lifetime Warranty on all light duty diesel applications.

In addition to improved fuel flow, the FASS Titanium Signature Series lift pumps offer an advanced filtration method for your diesel fuel. Removing water, air and vapor in addition to debris with a filtration rating of 2 micron, far superior over your factory fuel filter. The added filtration will help improve your engines idle and extend the life of the injectors and injection pump.


FASS offers a full selection of diesel fuel pumps for your Ford Powerstroke diesel pickup. Each kit is designed to maintain the proper fuel pressure to the engine for maximum performance and includes all mounting and install hardware specific to each application.

FASS was the first to offer a complete fuel pump kit for your Ford Powerstroke 6.7L diesel engine. Our 125GPH will provide more than enough fuel for a stock or modified Powerstroke engine, working in perfect conjunction with aftermarket downloaders.

(600-900 HP)

Stock to Moderate HP (0-600 HP)

Moderate to Extreme HP (600-900 HP)

Super Extreme HP (900-1200 HP)

Highly Modified HP (1200-1500 HP)

(0-700 HP)