diesel fuel pump

How To Troubleshoot Common Issues With Diesel Fuel Pumps

When your vehicle has an issue with fuel delivery, the rest of it will undoubtedly be compromised. Maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s diesel fuel pump is essential to maintaining the integrity of your entire vehicle. With as many as 50 different types of diesel engines on the market, knowing the ins and outs of diesel fuel pumps is important. Know these common issues and never experience detrimental vehicle failure.


Dirty Fuel


The best diesel fuel pump injector is a clean diesel fuel pump injector. As residue builds up in the diesel fuel supply system, a surprising amount of grease, grime, and gunk clog up the entire pump. The area where the fuel leaves the injector and enters the combustion chamber, known as the spray tip, is especially prone to seeing the backed-up residue. This clogged tip is often the issue when an engine sputters or hesitates during acceleration. Be sure to use high-quality diesel fuel to prevent this build up as much as you possibly can.


Improper Injection Timing


Defective parts of the fuel injector pump can negatively affect the timing of the fuel transfer process. This typically happens when the injector pump’s O-rings or ball seats are defective themselves. While this is a fairly common glitch in diesel fuel pumps, it typically requires an entire rebuild or replacement to fix the defective parts.


Low Fuel Tank Level


Diesel fuel pumps need a good amount of fuel inside of them to run smoothly. The fuel serves as a lubricant for the fuel pump bearings. When you run your vehicle with a fuel tank that is as close to empty as possible, you’re not providing your pump with much lubrication and it will eventually destroy the pump. When a lack of fuel wears out the fuel pump bearings, the injectors do not receive the fuel at the pressurized level they should be.


Debris Inside Injector


Small visitors to the inside of injectors, like pieces of dust and debris, can clog the entire injector. A tiny object could also leave the injector open at all times. Injectors need to close for optimal operation, and when they can’t the cylinder performance is compromised.


Keep an eye out for issues like this with your fuel lift pumps. When you catch issues early, you can work toward a solution more quickly.