Now Available! Transfer Tank Filters from FASS!

Say NO to Dirty Transfer Tank Fuel!

Do you rely on diesel equipment? Don’t let contaminated fuel from a storage or transfer tank slow you down! 

Too often, commercial diesel-powered equipment goes down for repairs due to dirty, water-logged or aerated fuel. When debris, water, and air reach the injection components in today’s high-pressure systems, they can cause both long-term and immediate failure.

And it’s no secret that broken equipment is a double-edged sword when it comes to cost. Primarily, the loss of productivity can delay an entire operation–whether that’s a farm, job site, or any other diesel-powered business. Secondly is the cost of the actual repairs. Depending on the engine, simply installing new injectors can cost thousands.

The XWS-5000: A simple, money-saving solution.

By simply installing the FASS XWS-5000 Transfer Tank Filter is a lab-tested, 3rd-party proven solution for cleaning up your transfer tank fuel. Rated at 10 Micron, the XWS-5000 removes over 99% of the water from your transfer tank fuel, and completely traps it within the filter element! 

The best part? The XWS-5000 installs in seconds on your fuel storage or transfer tank, with no modifications whatsoever. As the fuel is pumped out of your tank, the water, air, and debris is actively removed, protecting your diesel equipment.

Designed, tested, and proven in the U.S.A.

Like all Fass Diesel Fuel System products, the FASS XWS-5000 Transfer Tank Filter was engineered and tested right here in Marthasville, Missouri, at our headquarters. If you have any questions about diesel fuel filtration systems, please give us a call at (866) 769-3747 or shoot us an email at