Whether you just drove your new dream diesel truck off the dealership lot or bought a used work truck from a Craigslist posting, we should first talk about adequate fuel filtration and how important it is to your engine and fuel system’s longevity. Diesel pickup and class 8 trucks have seen some important changes in their fuel injection systems over the past 10-20 years.  Increasingly, modern high-pressure common rail systems (HPCR) operate at pressures in the range or excess of 30,000 psi. Fuel injectors that are operating under these high pressures have much tighter tolerances and can be affected by the slightest contamination of fuel either by air bubbles, dirt, water, bacteria, or any other unwanted particles entering the fuel stream.


Modern diesel fuel injectors have smaller diameter nozzle openings where the fuel is squirted through into the combustion chamber. Any air or particle contamination in the fuel can cause the injector timing to become faulty, cause the blocking of nozzles, induce altered spray patterns, or worse reduce the fluid dampening effect of diesel fuel and create conditions for injector failure. As air and vapor enter the injector orifices at increased pressures and cause uneven orifice openings it creates a cutting torch effect which damages your injectors and throws of their timing and efficiency resulting in lost horsepower/torque. Fuel injection is designed to inject a predetermined amount of fuel at a predetermined time. Air occupies space in the fuel and changes the amount of fuel being delivered which retards injection timing and can also result in lower gas mileage in addition to reduced horsepower and torque.


Here at FASS, we offer a dedicated diesel fuel air, water, and particle separation system that will deliver the purest and cleanest fuel to your engine. A FASS fuel air separation system works by removing air and vapor which will create a more complete combustion event and produce an increase in horsepower/torque and improve your gas mileage. So, if you are looking to increase the longevity of your trucks diesel engine and fuel filtration system give us a call at 1-866-769-3747 and let us help you improve your diesel trucks fuel system performance!