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Fuel Crime: Man Arrested For Carrying Multiple Barrels Of Diesel In His Van

Diesel vehicles are common in the United States. Considering the fact that a diesel engine can power a vehicle between 400 and 800 miles on a single tank of gas, that isn’t very surprising. Every single component involved in diesel fuel systems — from the diesel fuel lift pump to the universal diesel fuel pump — work together to create a highly efficient machine. Unfortunately, the rise in both gas and diesel prices is forcing some people to act outside of the law.


The most despicable of these are stealing credit cards to load up on the valuable fuel, which they would then resell. They would install credit card skimmers in gas station pumps, encode a blank card with the stolen information, and then use the new card to purchase fuel. While this is undoubtedly criminal behavior (several diesel fuel rings have been busted and sentenced within the last few years), the most recent case in California was less extreme.


A California man was found by authorities to have five barrels of diesel — totaling a staggering 285 gallons — in the back of his minivan.


“We understand fuel prices are going up, but this is not the way to stock up on fuel,” the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said. “For obvious reasons, this is highly illegal and dangerous.”


He was given a “verbal yet lawful order” to remain at the gas station until the vehicle was in compliance, and the CHP even gave him information to assist him in moving the fuel. Of course, the man and his $943 worth of diesel didn’t listen.


“As soon as we left, he pulled out from the fuel station and was stopped again,” the CHP stated. “He was arrested for disobeying a lawful order.”


Although the article doesn’t say whether or not he was working for a diesel theft ring, diesel owners the nation over should take his arrest as a warning. No matter how thrifty you’re trying to be, transporting an obscene amount of fuel is dangerous, could land you in jail, and probably won’t even end up saving you very much in the end. Instead, spend your money on what matters: upgrade your engine with a new universal diesel fuel pump, or improve its air intake system.