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Failing Fuel Pumps: 3 Signs And Symptoms To Watch Out For

Diesel engines are quite popular in the United States; approximately 10 diesel trucks are sold for every 100 trucks sold. They’re primarily relied upon for their exceptional highway mileage rating and stellar efficiency.

That being said, any vehicle is only as good as its parts; if one piece of the puzzle is damaged or broken, the entire structure will fail. Diesel fuel pumps play a major role in these efficient engines and can cause significant problems in diesel fuel systems if they malfunction or break down. Let’s take a look at three signs that indicate a failing diesel fuel lift pump.

  1. The engine stalls. Many people believe that they have run out of gas or that there is an issue with their gas gauge when they find themselves sitting on the side of the road with a stalled engine. While that is certainly a possibility, don’t rule out the fuel pump; if it quits working, the fuel injectors will not have any fuel to pump and no internal combustion will occur.
  2. The engine overheats. This not-so-obvious indicator occurs when the fuel pump is heated frequently as a result of stop-and-go driving patterns. It overheats, causing the engine to overheat as well. If you let the engine cool down until it functions properly again, only to overheat once more, your fuel pump is most likely responsible.
  3. You’re hearing weird noises. Unusual noises are always a worry when they’re coming from under your hood. If the flow to the fuel injection system is not consistent, you may experience hesitant starts and take-offs as well as sputtering or backfiring. Of course, the only way to tell for sure that your fuel pump is the culprit is to take your vehicle to a mechanic for a professional diagnosis.

Maintaining the health of your diesel engine means caring for each part of its fuel system. Diesel fuel systems possess many components, each of which could fail and cause further (costly) damage to the rest of the vehicle. By keeping an eye out for the above symptoms of a failing fuel pump, you can rest assured that at least one of these components is doing its job.