The summer truck sales figures are out and it looks like Dodge Ram is gaining on its’s main rivals Ford and GM.  Long a distant third place contender to Ford and GM, Dodge Ram is starting to turn heads with its newly upgraded pickup truck line and improved sales figures.  A newly redesigned fifth generation Ram 1500 series is leading the way for Dodge in its Ram pickup truck category line.  Offered with an available EcoDiesel V6 engine, the 1500 series has something for the diesel truck enthusiast looking for added torque and gas mileage savings a diesel powertrain provides. So far, the numbers point to Dodge overtaking Chevrolet as the #2 sold truck brand, however it still lags GM when factoring in GMC truck sales into the Chevrolet numbers.


Dodge has partially gained a leg up on Ford and GMC by offering sleeker interiors and a redesigned Apple iPad inspired 12 inch touch screen in the center console offered in its Ram 1500 series.  Yes, torque, hauling capacity, and other traditional diesel truck features are still important but now, more digitally connected buyers are looking for connectivity features for their smart phones as well as enhanced navigation and other system control features like oil pressure and engine temperature monitoring.


For Dodge, the proof is in the pudding in its sales figures which show through May Dodge Ram’s share of the truck market rose 4 percentage points to just over 24%.  Although much of the gains in Ram’s market share are attributed to the lower price 1500 Classic model there is a lot to be proud of in Ram’s larger diesel capable 2500 and 3500 series.  Here at FASS, we offer a full range of diesel fuel filter systems for your Dodge Ram diesel truck.