Diesel Truck Repair Projects You Can Do Yourself and 3 You Can’t

Sure, everyone loves a good deal. This is why many people often resort to do-it-yourself projects when they first see signs of trouble with their vehicles. However, since not many people are experts in the automobile industry, they could end up doing more harm than good. Whether you’re an everyday driver or mechanic, it’s important to emphasize what can be done in the comfort of your own home, and what can’t.

Here are a few truck maintenance issues you can solve yourself, and others you need an expert in the field to take a look at.

Truck maintenance

Maintaining the vehicle is something that should be expected of the driver. For every 100 cars sold, only 10 are powered by a diesel engine—making them the minority. So, it’s especially important to maintain the vehicle and keep it in the best shape possible to prevent serious damage.

Stop algae right in its tracks

Before we jump into replacing diesel fuel filters and diesel fuel pumps, it’s important to note that one of the best things you can do to maintain your engine is to eliminate mold and algae.

Drain any excess water from the engine, or make sure you are using biocide to treat the engine and rid yourself of growing fungi.

Replace the diesel fuel pump

This is something else you can do from home as long as you have the right parts like a fass replacement pump or fass fuel pump.

Signs that you may need a new fass replacement pump include:

  • struggling to accelerate
  • engine breakdowns
  • low gas consistently

A fass replacement pump can change the game, and have anyone driving down the road like they just purchased a brand new vehicle.

Change the fuel filters

Changing the fuel filters is another task that does not require an expert. This should be done every six months to a year for optimum performance.

Issues that require an expert

However issues that require an expert in the field include:

  • issues with your brakes
  • issues with a severely damaged part
  • wheel alignments and tire rotations

Though there are a few projects you can take the liberty of doing yourself, these big ticket issues require someone with professional experience.

Maintenance versus a severe issue

There are very few issues the everyday driver can handle on their own. Unless they’ve had experience or have diligently studied the complicated makeup of a diesel truck’s engine—it’s best to leave the complicated issues with the pros.

Though it can be tempting to take the reigns, it’s best to stick with performing routine maintenance on the vehicle yourself instead.