Red, black, white and yellow trucks diesel fuel polishing


You’ve been in the over the road trucking industry long enough to know that being an owner-operator takes a lot of business savvy to manage your load schedule, seat time, maintenance costs, and other business expenses required to keep your trucking business up and running. Diesel fuel polishing might sound strange to you but as an owner-operator did you know that down time resulting from lengthy and costly maintenance to your rig affects operation cost per mile and ultimately your bottom line? Diesel engine performance and specifically how diesel fuel is polished on the way through your fuel system is an important aspect of your rigs health and road worthiness.


Did you know that when fuel passes through the stock filter, it breaks large air bubbles into smaller ones that eventually still get through and reach your injection components? With air in the injector tip, there is no fluid damping, which allows the plunger to impact the tip with up to 50% greater force which leads to cracked injector tips or even worse, tips that are broken off into the cylinder. Plus, the presence of air reduces lubrication by at least 10% which causes galling and scoring. When combined with higher pressure in fuel, the injector orifice is exposed to a cutting torch effect which can damage your injectors even more. That’s where the FASS fuel system comes in and the diesel fuel polishing it provides.


The FASS process begins way ahead of conventional fuel systems and removes dirt and debris before fuel enters the electric fuel pump.  Next, fuel enters the high efficiency Extreme Water Separator. Here, FASS traps and removes 99.96% of water molecules and continuously polishes the fuel.  Air and vapor are then returned back to your fuel tank and exclusive performance radius cuts in the FASS system create the smoothest path to your injectors. The mass flow return continually polishes the fuel making FASS second to none in regards to achieving the cleanest possible fuel being delivered to your engine, period!


By delivering pure polished fuel without contaminants, FASS creates a longer, cleaner burn, and the proper atomization of fuel across the piston reduces regens. The FASS Titanium Signature Series fuel system continuously polishes diesel fuel and removes water, dirt, air and vapor contaminants to lower maintenance cost, increase mileage performance, reduce regens, and improve power and torque vital for hauling big and sometimes ugly loads cross country.  So, before you get up and go out for another week of hauling freight across country let an authorized FASS dealer review your rig specs and find the right FASS fuel system solution for you.