Cold Weather Performace

Our FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel systems offer two optional electric heater ports. A FASS Electric Heater Kit can be utilized in one or both of these available ports. A coolant port is an additional option that can be utilized to maximize Cold Weather Performance! Brad discusses both of these options and shows just how effective this can be in the coldest of temperatures.

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  1. Justin
    Justin says:

    Awesome demonstration. Can the electric heaters on the pump be activated for an extended time without the pump running? For example, letting the heater run overnight with the pump off. At what temperature will the heater shut off?

    • Gene B
      Gene B says:


      You can activate the heaters without the pump running by wiring the trigger wire to a switch. We usually recommend running the heater on for about 4-5 minutes before starting the pump or the truck to give the element enough time to “bake” the fuel in the filters. Letting the heater run overnight will kill the batteries so that would not be a good idea. The heater elements will kick on at 40 degrees and kick of at approximately 74 degrees.

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