Originally designed for the commercial truck market, FASS Diesel Fuel Systems provide unmatched fuel filtration. By eliminating entrained air/vapor, over 99% of the water, and debris down to 2 Micron from your diesel fuel, FASS protects expensive injection components from premature wear and failure.

Eliminating these contaminants also increases the lubricity by up to 10%, while improving fuel efficiency*, power, cold weather performance, and throttle response.

Numbers don’t lie:



While other diesel fuel systems claim to have effective filtration, 3rd party testing has proven FASS to be the undisputed leader in removing water from diesel fuel. And, unlike other fuel systems, our Extreme Water Separator supports 25GPM of fuel flow—ensuring maximum filtration at ANY horsepower level.

MPG Improvements:

While injection systems failures happen with all makes and models, some diesels are notorious for needing expensive repairs—such as CP4-equipped trucks. While our fuel systems cannot repair already-damaged components, FASS filtration provides unmatched protection against premature wear and failure.

Replacing failed injection components can cost upwards of $10,000 or more—while upgrading your filtration will typically cost less than 1/5th of that!

FASS Diesel Fuel Systems_Improve MPG

*MPG improvements will vary by location, driver, conditions, and more. Due to these external factors, FASS cannot guarantee specific MPG improvements.

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