Thank you to Big Boy’s Towing & Recovery for bringing out this unbelievable rig! With pure, water/air-free fuel now getting pumped to the X15 Cummins, this behemoth is ready for action at all times. 


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In this video, we install a FASS Diesel Fuel System on this 75-ton 2020 Peterbilt Rotator Wrecker with an ISX Cummins diesel engine. Equipped to recover even the biggest vehicles, this rotator is a critical piece of the Big Boy’s towing fleet.


With an emergency response vehicle like this, breakdowns caused by contaminated fuel simply simply cannot happen. To prevent mid-emergency engine failures, we installed a full FASS Diesel Fuel System with our industry-leading Extreme Water Separator.


By purifying the diesel fuel, our fuel system drastically reduces wear on critical injection components–preventing potential repairs and down-time.


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