Is Your Diesel Fuel Pump Damaged? Find Out Below

October 2, 2019

diesel fuel pump

Diesel engines are very popular around the world because they are powerful enough to drive heavy machines. Most of the European countries have a strong affinity for diesel engines than petrol engines. For instance, 96% of commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom are powered by diesel.

Just like in petrol, diesel engines experience mechanical problems in the diesel filtration system and around the fuel pump. Chances of a diesel fuel pump malfunctioning are higher because it takes much more effort to combust diesel than petrol. If you own a diesel engine powered vehicle, here are some simple warnings that your diesel fuel pump may need replacement.

1. High-Pitched Sound

It is common for vehicles to produce sound when they start or when they are accelerating. However, the sound produced by your vehicle should not turn heads. If your vehicle is making high-pitched sound, just know that there is something wrong with the diesel fuel pump. If you hear your vehicle make unusual or scraping sounds, it is high time you replace the entire diesel fuel supply system.

2. Low Fuel Pressure

Thousands of diesel-fueled vehicle owners have experienced this problem, but they fail to understand what is wrong with their vehicles. Most of them have a feeling that it has something to do with fuel contamination. However, if your diesel fuel pump is not working properly, there is a high chance that there will be low fuel pressure. The rest of the parts within the pump system will be functioning normally, but your vehicle will have trouble starting.

3. Malfunctioning Fuel Filters

Diesel fuel filters tend to wear out within a short period. All people using diesel engines are well aware that they will have to keep replacing their diesel filtration system regularly so that they can keep their engines functioning as expected. However, sometimes your filtration system might be wearing out within a day or two, which is suspicious. If you’re experiencing such situations, you have a problem with diesel fuel transfer pump, and it needs to be replaced.

4. Acceleration Problems

Many people, especially those with very little knowledge about their fuel system attribute acceleration problems to engine failure. However, engine failure has nothing to do with acceleration or deceleration of your vehicle. The problem emanates from your fuel pump. If your diesel fuel pump has been damaged and does not have sufficient power to draw enough diesel to the combustion tubes, there is a high chance that your vehicle will fail to accelerate. In such situations, you need to replace your fuel pump.

5. Sudden Stops

Sudden stops seem to be a common occurrence with diesel vehicles. There is no doubt that you have, on several occasions, come across a truck or heavy earth-moving machine on the roadside after experiencing sudden stops. You might have concluded that it is a problem with older automobiles, but new cars are also experiencing the same problem. If your diesel engine suddenly stops, you should know that the diesel fuel pump is damaged. It is not supplying sufficient diesel to the combustion system due to low pressure.

6. Engine Breakdowns

The scariest matter about your car is getting to know that you have an engine breakdown. Sometimes it could be a minor problem, but in other cases, you could find yourself on an extreme edge where you have to replace your engine. Diesel fuel transfer pumps play a significant role in the breakdown of your engine. Low pressure and failure to supply sufficient fuel to the engine systems lead to severe damages.

If your diesel system has been exhibiting these signs, you need to have it replaced within the shortest time possible before the situation gets worse. FASS Diesel Fuel Systems have the solution to your damaged fuel pump, and they will provide immediate and reliable replacement services.

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