Diesel Diligence: 3 Ways To Care For Your Fuel System

March 9, 2019

diesel fuel systems

Diesel engines are notorious for their efficiency. In fact, a single tank of gas in a diesel engine is known to power a vehicle between 400 and 800 miles, explaining their popularity in the trucking industry. Despite these impressive numbers, they aren’t self-sufficient; like any quality product, diesel fuel systems need to be cared for in order to function at the highest level possible. If you’re car-savvy and know your way around diesel fuel lift pumps and diesel filtration systems, make sure that you’re keeping up-to-date on the following maintenance.

  • Fuel: Amazingly, repair statistics reveal contaminated fuel to be the cause of 90% of diesel engine problems. (This won’t be an issue if your filters are fully functioning, but we’ll get to that in a second.) If you’re unsure whether or not your fuel is dirty, simply pump some into a clean glass jar and wait a few minutes; if any contaminants settle to the bottom, you’ll know that it’s time to find a new source of diesel fuel.
  • Prevent algae: Just like mold on bread, algae and fungi can thrive in fuel tanks. These microbes depend on both fuel and water to survive, though eliminating water from your tank is major; unfortunately, that’s not always possible. To cover all your bases, your fuel should be treated with a biocide to ensure no bacteria can grow.
  • Tank: However, even the most meticulous of drivers can end up with dirty fuel and microbial growth. To stay on top of your fuel system’s health, it’s advisable to clean out the tank every so often; every few years (at the very least), draw some fuel from the bottom of the tank to check for water and/or sediment — it’ll be worth the effort in the long run.

When it comes to the air fuel separator diesel doesn’t always make things easy. Sometimes — no matter how well-versed you are with the intricacies under the hood — it’s hard to find your way around. By having a professional take a look every year (or more, depending on your vehicle’s age), you can guarantee that your diesel fuel pumps and filters are in perfect working condition. Only by caring for your diesel fuel systems will they continue to perform with quality and efficiency.

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