FASS Electric Heater Kit

Drivers that find themselves in the coldest of conditions will be happy to know that our FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel pumps offer two optional electric heater ports. A FASS Electric Heater Kit can be utilized in one or both of these available ports. An accessory option for our Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation System, our Electric Heater Kit will begin warming your diesel fuel once the key is in the “ON” position and will automatically shut off once the fuel is at its optimum temperature. This will aid during a cold weather start and prevent fuel from gelling inside your lift pump.

FASS Iron Maiden Themed Truck Installation

This was a really cool installation on a Big Cam Cummins! Thanks to the guys at T&E Service Co for setting this up! We do a Ride along with the owner Brian as he feels and discusses the immediate gains and benefits from the FASS Diesel Fuel System!