FASS Fuel Systems “Tech Tips” Water In Diesel Fuel

Josh talks about the damaging effects of water in diesel fuel and why a FASS Fuel System is key to limiting the damage caused by water.

FASS Fuel Systems “Tech Tips” Filter Microns

Josh discusses fuel filtration and the importance of Micron size when it comes to fuel filters.

FASS Fuel Systems “Tech Tips” Diesel Engine Heater Block

In this week’s “Tech Tips” segment, Josh talks about the importance of plugging in your diesel engine block heater when the cold weather starts to roll in!

FASS Diesel Fuel Systems – The Culture Behind The Brand

#FASSfuelsystems wanted to show off the culture behind our brand, so we set out to all corners of the country to meet some of our customers. This video demonstrates small pieces of their story, which ultimately helps us tell ours. Thank you to everyone that participated in the making of this video. Enjoy.

FASS Fuel Systems Heater Kit

Josh talks about the possibility of gelling diesel fuel and how the FASS heater kit can prevent this cold weather problem.

New T C12 FASS Titanium Series Kit

Josh has some exciting news about the release of the new T C12 FASS Titanium Series Kit. After extensive testing and development, the 2015-2016 Duramax kits are ready for purchase! Watch the video for full details.

How It Works…

FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation System and is a combination diesel fuel lift pump and fuel filtration system that is designed to improve your diesel trucks fuel mileage, engine performance and extend the life of your diesel injection system. Watch How It Works!