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Diesel Truck Repair Projects You Can Do Yourself and 3 You Can’t

Sure, everyone loves a good deal. This is why many people often resort to do-it-yourself projects when they first see signs of trouble with their vehicles. However, since not many people are experts in the automobile industry, they could end up doing more harm than good. Whether you’re an everyday driver or mechanic, it’s important […]

Is Your Diesel Fuel Pump Damaged? Find Out Below

Diesel engines are very popular around the world because they are powerful enough to drive heavy machines. Most of the European countries have a strong affinity for diesel engines than petrol engines. For instance, 96% of commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom are powered by diesel. Just like in petrol, diesel engines experience mechanical problems […]

The Importance of Using the Right Diesel Fuel Filter Supplier

When it comes to finding the right supplier for your diesel fuel filters, there can be a number of different hurdles. You want to be sure that you are getting the best parts that last and provide quality, while also staying within the limits of your budget. With a wide range of different suppliers available […]

Failing Fuel Pumps: 3 Signs And Symptoms To Watch Out For

Diesel engines are quite popular in the United States; approximately 10 diesel trucks are sold for every 100 trucks sold. They’re primarily relied upon for their exceptional highway mileage rating and stellar efficiency. That being said, any vehicle is only as good as its parts; if one piece of the puzzle is damaged or broken, […]

Basics of Diesel Engine Fuel Systems

The average diesel engine can get somewhere between 400 and 800 miles per tank. But if the filtration system has a fail-point, the system becomes inefficient. Diesel engines are efficient, but it’s also important to understand how the system works to keep the vehicles running at their peak efficiency. Here are the typical components of […]

Fuel Filters For The Needs of Today’s Cars and Trucks

Fuel filters are a vital part of the proper functioning of an automobile. They filter out dirt, dust, grime, and other impurities from entering the combustion chamber. Like the Princess and the Pea, fuel systems are quite sensitive and even the smallest of particles can wreak havoc on today’s technologically fine tuned engines. Fuel filters […]

Know Your Car: 3 Types Of Filters Your Vehicle Relies On

Vehicles come in dozens of different shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer diesel fuel systems or gasoline, you’re most likely going to have the same (or very similar) components under the hood, especially when it comes to filters. Let’s take a look at three types of filters that your vehicle needs to function.   Air […]

3 Signs it’s Time for a New Diesel Fuel Filter

There are numerous reasons more and more vehicle buyers are choosing diesel engine options. With diesel engines taking the number one spot for most efficient internal combustion, these engines have several benefits to offer regarding performance. But all vehicles require maintenance, especially when it comes to the diesel filtration system. Diesel owners may not know […]